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Getting the ideas on paper, laying out the overall composition, and organizing references.



After initial direction chosen, scaling and sizing, and mock-up for Final Art.


final art

Final Art is inked in place, details added, and an replicable analog is produced.



Post production assets created for print, products, publication, and distribution.



1st Hr. FREE (For new clients)*


Fine Art Illustration

Made-to-Order Original Art


Digital Design

Adobe Creative Suite


For original graphic illustrations, used for print, on-demand products, and limited-run publications. Images are handmade, analog, numbered editions of up to TEN (≤10) of either art found in collections in artist's catalog or created of custom client specifications :

  1. - Sketching/Ideation (Phase 1) gathers research and references from client specifications into view; producing figurable elements to compose the Final Art.

    - ≤25% pre-payment of Final Art estimated cost plus 10% NON REFUNDABLE material fee.

  2. - Transfer Processing (Phase 2) overlays composite elements of varying complexity into the overall design of the Final Art, combining multiple figures into a single, cohesive design fit for Final Art feature dimension.

    - The client receives updates either JPEG (≤10 thumbnails) or PDF format (10+ thumbnails) files as per SEVEN to TEN workdays, ≤25% equal to remaining balance payment due of Final Art.

  3. - Final Art Ink/Render (Phase 3) solidifies the Final Art in situ either in indelible ink on archival paper (artists' standard 9.0"x 12.0" Bristol Paper, unmounted) or itemized mediums on behalf of the client's request.

    - ≤50% equal to the remaining balance payment due to Final Art.

  4. - Format/Feature (Phase 4 - Completion) lends the digitized version of the Final Art to other various printable surfaces or marketable options for merchandising. Promotional media included.

    - As per licensed use, each format an image is used is priced quote ≤200% equal to the total material cost of initial production run (i.e a single image, numbered edition, colorized for apparel, home decor, accessories, etc.)

    Each and every client is unique, and so are your ideas! Our time and energy are precious, so exceptions to the rules apply in special commissions as per contractual agreements. These are simply general areas of consideration when accurately price estimating the cost of production and timely execution. Please feel free to email the agency with any of your questions/comments, book a consultation if you are interested in a creative collaboration or contracting my services.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!



Once you approve the final product, you will receive a request of payment for remaining balance due plus any fees or penalties.

NOTE: All taxes, fees, and other charges post-payment ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Pricing Policy
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