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Video Featurette: Featured on "The Session", Episode 10. (Source: Youtube)

A proud graduate of Design and Architecture Senior High School, Miami, Florida, later attended College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, now I offer my talents and experience to design, editorial, and consultation. Commented as a global thinker with an intimate precision to detail, my style is best described as glyphic. Referrals and clientèle that commission my services for digital web assets, original graphic illustration, or select license to use my work for print or publication. 

Video Featurette: Featured by RAW Artists Miami (Source: Youtube)

The title, "imagemaker" refers to the idea of an graphic illustrator using both analog and digital media to create original art; as an artist-entrepreneur, entirely original artwork is sold as print or branding/publication. My aim is to offer a unique style of articulate detail and a fusion of influences from cultural cues, found in indigenous history and modern science-fiction motifs.

Since 2009, the creative arts market has experienced a complete digital revolution, and since then, I've curated this site as a catalog online accessible to both clients and employers whom I network with. My website is I created original elements using design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, to develop original web assets and media. After producing a hand-drawn design or sketch on physical media, my illustrations are scanned, digitally rendered, and then formatted for custom-printed products like on housewares and apparel.

Currently, I'm building a virtual business platform for selling art anywhere, to anyone who seeks it, at an affordable price. It is a uniquely special model balanced between a sort of self-employment and community service, the kind that allows my skills and talents to continue to grow as well as to help as many in need of design services as possible.

I apply my services to jobs that closely match my design experience and any that allow my creative skills to flourish. To prospective employers; I wish to create new and innovative solutions for clients on assignments and commissions, consult design strategies useful in mid-term and long-term marketing campaigns and promotions, and collaborate with other experts to promote educational excellence and environmental awareness. All references are available upon request. I welcome all to contact me regarding their next project or big idea with as specific detail as possible, so as to offer the best results.

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