My new start-up business, titled Hamilton Notary and Ledger will issue basic Notary Services initially within the State and counties of Florida, in accordance to strict adherence to all laws, the following duties:


Oaths/ Affirmations

Signature Witnessing

Copy Certifications

Other Personal services offered to Individuals presenting original documents for:

Marriage - Bond

Will - Life/Death Certificates

Deed - Property

LLC - Commercial



I currently operate from a secure remote working space to archive business records and process commissions. I own a 2005 Ford E-250 Econoline Van I use to deliver, courier, and transit legal documents to and from a central office I use to process client commissions. After my first signings, I aim to advance my certifications to enable remote work as a virtual agent and expand the business to a wider market. This means even if you're not local to Miami, I can still offer my services or consultancy to whenever you are!


*We promise NOT to share your personal email information with anyone without your explicit consent!*