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imagemaker artist illustrator craig andre hamilton in Miami
  1.  Apply here to start your project. Consider how you plan on using the art; For Commercial (retail), Promotional Mixed-Use, or Personal use ONLY. Please, fill out the appropriate Commissions module completely (link below) and communicate the details of your project with best of your knowledge on items such as:

    - Original graphic illustration (up to
     10 pieces) or digital content based on that original design.
    - A brief description or short byline of your concept
    - Desired medium- Image size and dimensions.
    - Projected Deadline, if possible.

    It helps to have an image of a goal in mind. List any other expectations as specific as possible. Please include details of any of the previously mentioned in your form submission. If you don’t know any of these things, then simply contact me with what you do know, and we will figure it out together. Once you know exactly what it is that you want, then I can produce you an initial quote for completing your project within given timeframe. In our initial meeting, I will walk you through this process and do my best to ease the legalese for your understanding.

Consultations - Private Commissions - Market merchandising

imagemaker artist illustrator craig andre hamilton in Miami

Independent Contractor
All postage originates in the U.S.A.
International contacts welcome.

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